Its all about negotiation...
These days achieving a sale of your property is fairly straight forward. But it doesn't end there.

We arrive at the "business end " of the deal, once a suitable buyer has been found and negotiations regarding price, timescale and solicitors details are done.

This is when the negotiations really start. This is where your agent earns their commission! Negotiating with solicitors, surveyors, managing agents, buyers and sellers takes time and all good agents will have provided you with a clear picture of the expectations of the parties involved and helped set a path to a successful conclusion of the sale.

When choosing your agent at the valuation appointment find out how they progress your sale once a buyer has been found. You will be surprised by their answers. The more proactive agents take a definite interest in what happens once they have found you a buyer while some just pass it to a progressor within the company.

Asking these questions and getting the right answers could save you thousands of pounds and in the process add reassurance to your sale. Having the right agent on your side looking after your best interests is vital, because if they do not understand how to negotiate the conveyancing process then they will not be able to negotiate the best deal for you.